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«Do you really think you can put me down ? Go on, you're not the first one to try.»

«And you won't be the last.»

- Renew -

A top-down boss fighting game about exploring an ancient world and changing destiny.

«You won't be much of a challenge.»

A boss-fighting game that won't be as simple as you think. You'll need your wits and reflexes ready to bring that ancient giant down.

  • One boss, many challenges
  • Try, die, retry, and die again
  • Not just a no-brainer's combat

«That world is dead anyway.»

Explore an old recovering world and try to understand what happened in this place.

  • Explore 5 different zones
  • Gather clues about this world's history
  • Contemplate beautifully crafted landscapes

«No one cares about what you do.»

Make impactful choices, even where it seems like there isn't any, and try to make a difference in a world that needs it.

  • Four different questlines
  • Many characters to meet
  • Understand the world to be able to change it

«You're such a stubborn weakling»

Prove him wrong.


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Renew Demo Build 117 MB